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The Results of the 14th annual Chili Bowl

Here is the results for all three nights of racing at the year 2000 Chili Bowl.

Summeries of the races

Thurs. Night

Darland Earns Pole for Saturday

Tulsa, OK (Jan. 6, 2000) - Dave Darland took a major step to winning his first O' Reilly Chili Bowl Midget Nationals during first-day qualifying Thursday night at the Tulsa Expo Raceway. Darland led 24 laps of the 25-lap preliminary A Main event and will start on the pole for Saturday's 50-lap Championship Main Event.

Sounds simple enough. Think again. Darland needed a little bit of luck and some well placed caution flags to give him the victory. And he had to hold off a hard-charging Joe Boyles and Dan Boorse, who came from 10th, to take the victory. Darland, of Indianapolis, Ind., only lost the lead briefly in Lap 15, but regained it after Critter Malone got caught in the marbles in the start of the 16th lap. Darland took advantage to take the victory.

Darland opened the race by taking the lead from pole starter Boyles coming out of the fourth turn on the first lap. But even before Darland got a chance to build a lead the first caution came out. It was the first of 13 times the race would be slowed, which did not include a fuel stop prior to Lap 20. Those caution periods helped give Darland open track in front of him and left him without the chore of navigating lapped traffic for the entire race.

A multi-car pile up in the third turn brought out the first caution, which involved Kevin Olson, Roger Miller, Ronnie Burke Jr., Shane Cottle, Rich Camfield and Scott Hatton. After the cars were cleared and the race restarted Darland drove to a couple of car length lead over Boyles, but the second caution was thrown in Lap 7 when 75 and 51 stalled in the third turn.

The caution was a needed break for several drivers, including Jimmy Sills and Billy Boat. Both started well back in the field, with Sills moving into seventh by lap six after starting 14th. Two more caution flags were thrown on Lap 8 and Lap 11, with the second one caused by Rich Camfield slowing to a stop in a turn.

After the Lap 11 caution, the field was slowed four times in an attempt to complete Lap 12. The first time the caution was thrown Daryn Pittman spun in the second turn after contact with Sills. During the ensuing restart, Boat and Boorse begin to battle for position when the two midget veterans touched and Boat ended up hitting the concrete coming out of the fourth turn.

Boat continued, but had to start at the back of the field. The Phoenix, Ariz., native did not have much of a chance to move to the front because on the third aborted restart when Bud Kaeding and Sills both spin in the fourth turn. About the same time, Boat, Pittman and Camfield formed another three-car pileup in the third turn.

The 22-car field was slowed again when Kaeding, Pittman, Scott Hatton and Boat all tangle in the third turn on a fourth restart. Hatton, 1988 Chili Bowl champion, was forced to leave the event. After four aborted restarts, the fifth was the charm.

Critter Malone, of Speedway, Ind., stayed on Darland's back nerf bar through Lap 12 and then in Lap 13 he took the lead when Darland slid to the high side of the race track in turn three. The pass was for naught because Pittman and Michael Lang both spun out in the third turn. Malone was forced to go back to second, with scorers going back to the last completed lap.

In Lap 15, though, Malone found the opening he was looking for when he took the lead from Darland entering the third turn. But once again Malone let his chance pass when he was caught on the high side of the track in the first turn and slowed to a stop in Lap 16, brining out yet another caution. It was the break Darland needed because this time he was determined not to give the lead up again, even though Boyles kept the pressure on. But he led the last 10 laps to secure the victory and pole position.

Boyles finished second, with Boorse, the 1999 Chili Bowl Champion, maneuvering through the field from 10th to take third and a spot inside the third row of Saturday's main event. Greg Lueckert finished fourth, with Shane Cottle coming back from an early wreck to take fifth. Kevin Olson finished sixth, with Jimmy Sills taking seventh, the final transfer spot into Saturday's A Main.

Roger Miller won the first B Main event, with Mike Hess taking second and Camfield third. Most in the near capacity crowd at Expo Raceway were watching four-time Chili Bowl champion Sammy Swindell during this event. Swindell started 13th after struggling in his heat race but moved into third, the final transfer spot, with less than six laps to go. But he did not make the main event because of a late-race wreck. Swindell ended up 10th.

Billy Boat led all the way in the second B Main after starting outside the front row.

Aaron Kirk won a caution-free 10-lap C Main. He took the lead from pole starter Randy Koch coming out of the fourth turn to complete Lap 7.

Greg Lueckert, Critter Malone, Daryn Pittman, Dave Darland, Casey Slocum, Joe Boyles, Tony George and Dave Baumgartner each won heat races on a race track where passing was at a premium. Five the eight heat race winners started on the front row.

Fri. night

Kruseman Cruises on Friday

Tulsa, OK (Jan. 7, 2000) - The only passing Cory Kruseman did Friday night was during his heat race. But when the Ventura, Calif., resident passed seven of the eight cars in the fourth heat he earned enough passing points to give him the pole for the preliminary A Main. It was from that spot that Kruseman led all 25 laps of the feature during second-day qualifying for the O'Reilly Chili Bowl Midget Nationals at the Tulsa Expo Raceway.

Kruseman's earned the outside front row starting position for Saturday night's 50-lap Championship main event. Kruseman, who has 1991 Chili Bowl champion and Sprint Car legend Leland McSpadden as his crew chief, finished ahead of a smoking Tracy Hines. Kevin Doty took third with Gary Wright driving from 18th to fourth.

By the end of the race Kruseman, driving the Andy Bondio-owned No. 47, had won by more than two car lengths. But early in the event, several midget veterans were on his rear, including future NASCAR Busch Series driver Jason Leffler and Kevin Doty.

Leffler, of Long Beach, Calif., started ninth but within two laps had moved into second and was chasing Kruseman. Through two early cautions Kruseman held the lead but Leffler kept letting him know he was there by trying several lines around a tacky, fast quarter-mile dirt track.

In Lap 8, Leffler floated high in the second turn in an attempt to keep up with Kruseman and possibly take the lead. But Leffler went too high and Tracy Hines, running third, found the opening he was looking for an drove by for second.

The three drivers stayed bumper-to-bumper for the next five laps with neither wanting to lose their line and take a chance on losing a position because Kevin Doty and Don Lehmann were within at least two car lengths of the three. But in Lap 13 Doty and Midget veteran Tony Elliott made contact in the turns three and four, with Elliott spinning to a stop. Doty managed to keep his car moving and continued in the race without losing any positions.

During the caution period, Leffler stopped on the berm coming out of the second turn with motor trouble, ending his chances of winning the main event. Leffler finished 17th and will race in a B Main event during Saturday night's championship program.

The race needed two restarts to get back under way, but it was much the same, with Doty taking the place of Leffler. Kruseman, Hines and Doty stayed close to each other with Doty moving to the high side in turns one and two looking for an advantage.

Also riding that high line was Sprint Car veteran and many-time National Championship Racing Association Sprint Car champion Gary Wright. Wright had a mishap with a push truck during his heat race, but managed to qualify for the A by finishing second. He started 18th, but drove around several cars and by Lap 18 he had moved into fourth behind Doty.

The final caution came out in Lap 16 when P.J. Jones, who was running in the top-7, flipped hard entering the first turn and ended up with his right side wheels on the concrete retaining wall in between turns one and two. Jones walked away from the flip but it ended his night in the No. 15X John Lawson entry.

When the race resumed, Kruseman, Hines, Doty and Wright began to spread out, and Kruseman built a comfortable advantage over the rest of the field. That advantage grew when Hines' engine began to smoke in Lap 22.

Hines, driving one of two entries owned by David Calderwood, drove the smoking car to the finish of the 25-lap event but was behind Kruseman by more than three car lengths. Doty finished third, with Wright taking fourth. Don Lehmann, of Springfield, Ill., took fifth, with Ohioan Matt Westfall sixth and second B Main winner Keith Rauch taking seventh.

The race did not end incident free through, as Michael Roselli Jr. flipped coming out of turn four.

Friday night's program included 64 cars, which means that 121 drivers from 19 states will race during Saturday night's championship program.

One of the most exciting races of the night was the C Main where Modified and Sprint Car hotshoe Billy Pauch squared off with Midget veteran and two-time Belleville Nationals champion Steve Knepper. Pauch, who had engine trouble in his heat race, drove around the outside from his seventh starting position and moved into second behind Knepper by Lap 2. The two stayed bumper-to-bumper for most of the 12-lap event, until the last lap when Pauch moved to the inside of Knepper.

Knepper used the momentum from the outside groove to win by a few inches over Pauch. But their luck ran out after that race when the two failed to qualify for the A Main through their B Main events.

In the first B Main, Ricky Shelton lead all 15 laps. The second B Main set a record for cautions, with 16, which included a red flag for a fuel stop after Lap 4. Rauch survived the multiple caution periods to take the victory and transfer to the feature.

Doty, Roselli, Tim Spindler, Kruseman, Hines, Leffler, Wayne Chinn and Ed Carpenter won the heat races.

Thurs. night Results

Thurs. night results:

Heat 1: 1. #01 Greg Lueckert, Parkville, Mo.; 2. #62 Kasey Kahne, Enumclaw, Wash.; 3. #4 Jimmy Sills, Placerville, Calif.; 4. #86 Shane Cottle, Oakland, Ill.; 5. #56TX Douglas White, Houston, Texas; 6. #22P Jeff Palazzolo; 7. #2 Randy Koch, Oregon, Wis.; 8. #87 Rich Camfield, Decatur, Ill.

Heat 2: 1. #7C Critter Malone, Speedway, Ind.; 2, #75 Roger Miller, Milan, Ill.; 3, #4B Ronnie Burke Jr., Houston, Texas; 4. #47C David Camfield, Decatur, Ill.; 5. #98 Kevin Eggert, Appleton, Wis.; 6. #00 Thomas Maeseraul, San Jose, Calif.; 7. #7X John Ferrell, Coventry, Conn.

Heat 3: 1. #31L Daryn Pittman, Owasso, Okla.; 2. #88 Dan Boorse, Milwaukee, Wis.; 3. #18 Travis Welpott, Pendleton, Wis.; 4. #45G Gil White, Blanchard, Okla.; 5. #30 Craig Carry, Springfield, Ill.; 6. #21X Rick Mueller, Barneveld, ,Wis.; DNS #16M Wayne Miller, Layfette, Ind.

Heat 4: 1. #11W Dave Darland, Indianpolis, Ind.; 2. #2K Bud Kaeding, Campbell, Calif.; 3. #17K Kevin Olson, Rockford, Ill.; 4. #16F Chad Farmer, Colorado Spring, Colo.; 5. #53 J.D. Turner, Cincinnati, Ohio; 6. #59A Tom Apple, Joplin, Mo.; 7. #43 Kevin Arnold, Franklin, Ind.

Heat 5: 1. #97C Casey Slocum, Denver, Colo.; 2. #5K Dean Erfurth, Oregon, Wis.; 3. #97Z Jerry Zike, Seymour, Ind.; 4. #73 Scott Hatton, Roscoe, Ill.; 5. #91D Richey Dewell, Fowler, Kan.; 6. #33A Steve Arnold, Seymour, Ind.; 7. #72 Jeff Flesher, Gridley, Ill.

Heat 6: 1. #7B Joe Boyles, Greenwood, Mo.; 2. #15 Billy Boat, Phoenix, Ariz.; 3. #66B Tony Beaber, Gibsonburg, Ohio; 4. #OK Ron Kuhn, Lee's Summit, Mo.; 5. #19N Nick O'Neal, Wagoner, Okla.; 6. #2H Bob Harr, Arvada, Colo.; 7. #0 Johnny Murdock, Mesquite, Texas

Heat 7: 1. #3T Tony George, Indianpolis, Ind.; 2. #94 Michael Lang, Indianapolis, Ind.; 3. #6NM Robert Marfia, Jr., Rio Rancho, N.M.; 4. #69 A.J. Fike, Galesburg, Ill.; 5. #99 Rick Ellis, Thornton, Colo.; 6. 2C Chris Tarrant, Mesquite, Texas; 7. #19X Howard Worrell, Kirkwood, Mo.

Heat 8: 1. #38X Dave Baumgartner, Ottawa, Mich.; 2. #19 Dennis Parker, Council Bluffs, Iowa; 3. #51 Mike Hees, Petersburg, Ill.; 4, #84S Phil Shapel, Wichita, Kan.; 5. #11X Steve Newman, Lakewood, Colo.; 6. #1 Sammy Swindell, Bartlett, Tenn.; 7. #45 Aaron Kirk, Conroe, Texas

C Feature - top four to 2 B mains (rest to Saturday E)

C Main: 1. #45 Aaron Kirk, Conroe, Texas; 2. #2 Randy Koch, Oregon, Wis.; 3. #87 Rich Camfield, Decatur, Ill.; 4. #72 Jeff Flesher, Gridley, Ill.; 5. #43 Kevin Arnold, Franklin, Mich.; 6. #19X Howard Worrell, Kirkwood, Mo.; (DNS - #7X John Ferrell, Coventry, Conn.; #0 Johnny Murdock, Mesquite, Texas; #16M Wayne Miller, Layfette, Ind.)

2 Semi (B) Features - top two from each to A Feature (rest to Saturday C, or D)

1st Semi: 1. #75 Roger Miller, Milan, Ill.; 2. #51 Mike Hess, Petersburg, Ill.; 3. #87 Rich Camfield, Decatur, Ill.; 4. #45 Aaron Kirk, Conroe, Texas; 5. #99 Rick Ellis, Thornton, Colo.; 6. #2H Bob Harr, Arvada, Colo.; 7. #18 Travis Welpott, Pendleton, Ind.; 8. #00 Thomas Messeraul, San Jose, Calif.; 9. #91D Richey Dewell, Galveson, Mich.; 10. #1 Sammy Swindell, Bartlett, Tenn.; 11. #30 Craig Carry, Springfield, Ill.; 12. #59A Tom Apple, Joplin, Mo.; 13. #45G Gil White, Blanchard, Okla.; 14. #0K Ron Kuhn, Lee's Summit, Mo.; 15. #6NM Robert Marfia Jr., Rio Rancho, N.M.; 16. #66B Tony Beaber, Gibsonburg, Ohio;l 17. #98 Kevin Eggert, Appleton, Wis.; 18. #47C Dave Camfield Jr., Decatur, Ill.

2nd Semi: 1. #15 Billy Boat, Phoenix, Ariz.; 2. #73 Scott Hatton, Roscoe, Ill.; 3. #86 Shane Cottle, Oakland, Ill.; 4. #69 A.J. Fike, Galesburg, Ill.; 5. #16F Chad Farmer, Colorado Springs, Colo.; 6. #2 Randy Koch, Oregon, Wis.; 7. #11X Steve Newman, Lakewood, Colo.; 8. #21X Rick Mueller, Barneveld, Wis.; 9. #56TX Douglas White, Houston, Texas; 10. #72 Jeff Flesher, Gridley, Ill.; 11. #62 Kasey Kahne, Enumclaw, Wash.; 12. #53 J.D. Turner, Cincinnati, Ohio; 13. #84S Phil Shapel, Wichita, Kan.; 14. #22P Jeff Palazzolo, Pacific, Mo.; 15. #2C Chris Tarrant, Mesquite, Texas; 16. #97Z Jerry Zike, Seymour, Ind.; 17. #19N Nick O'Neal, Wagoner, Okla.; DNS - #33A Steve Arnold, Seymour, Ind.

A Feature - top seven transfer to Saturday A Feature; rest to Saturday B Feature

A Feature: 1. #11W Dave Darland, Indianapolis, Ind.; 2. #7B Joe Boyles, Greenwood, Mo.; 3. #88 Dan Boorse, Milwaukee, Wis.; 4. #01 Greg Lueckert, Parkville, Mo.; 5. #86 Shane Cottle, Oakland, Ill.; 6. #17K Kevin Olson, Rockford, Ill.; 7. #4 Jimmy Sills, Placerville, Calif.; 8. #51 Mike Hess, Petersburg, Ill.; 9. #7C Critter Malone, Speedway, Ind.; 10. #97C Casey Slocum, Denver, Colo.; 11. #38X Dave Baumgartner, Ottawa, Mich.; 12. #15 Billy Boat, Phoenix, Ariz.; 13. #2K Bud Kaeding, Campbell, Calif.; 14. #3T Tony George, Indianapolis, Ind.; 15. #87 Rich Camfield, Decatur, Ill.; 16. #31L Daryn Pittman, Owasso, Okla.; 17. #94 Michael Lang, Indianpolis, Ind.; 18. #19 Dennis Parker, Council Bluffs, Iowa; 19. #73 Scott Hatton, Roscoe, Ill.; 20. #5K Dean Erfurth, Oregon, Wis.; 21. #4B Ronnie Burke Jr., Houston, Texas; 22. #75 Roger Miller, Milan, Ill.

Fri. night line-ups and results

Fri. night results:

Heat 1: 1. #11 Kevin Doty, Burlington, Iowa; 2. #33 Keith Rauch, Edgewater, Colo.; 3. #71 Ricky Shelton, Huntington Beach, Calif.; 4. #8M Gary McNabb, Edmond, Okla.; 5. #V4 Boyd Calvert, DeForest, Wis.; 6. #18T Bob Burkle, Terre Haute, Ind.; 7. #16 Barry Reed, Mooresville, Ind.; 8. #78 Travis Rilat, Texas City, Texas

Heat 2: 1. #98X Michael Roselli Jr., Brodheadsville, Pa.; 2. #21L Jon Heydenreich, Bloomsburg, Pa.; 3. #54 Matt Westfall, Ludlow Falls, Ohio; 4. #7M Tim McVay, Blue Springs, Mo.; 5. #37Q Lee Walther, Oklahoma City, Okla.; 6. #2B Jackie Burke, Houston, Texas; 7. #55 Steve Knepper, Belleville, Ill.; 8. #46 Ryan Linder, Newark, Calif.

Heat 3: 1. #81T Tim Spindler, Columbus, Ind.; 2. #1ST Gary Wright, Hooks, Texas; 3. #96 Bobby Boone, Palmdale, Ind.; 4. #56 Shane Scully, Encino, Calif.; 5. #84 Dean Franklin, Speedway, Ind.; 6. #3M John Wolfe, Winchester, Ind.; 7. #31H Brian Harvill, Irving, Texas; #8. #5 John Lucas, Lebanon, Wis.

Heat 4: 1. #47 Cory Kruseman, Ventura, Calif.; 2. #66 Tony Elliott, Kokomo, Ind.; 3. #4D Burce Donaldson Jr., St. Peters, Mo.; 4. #67 Randy Nigg, Colorado Springs, Colo.; 5. #38 David Watkins, Houston, Texas; 6. #14 Tony Rossi, Arvada, Colo.; 7. #81 Bill Allen, Independence, Mo.; 8. #3B Kenny Bernard, Colleyville, Texas

Heat 5: 1. #40 Tracy Hines, New Castle, Ind.; 2. #31 Don Lehmann, Springfield, Ill.; 3. #22C Chris Coers, Columbus, Ind.; 4. #32 Aaron Fike, Galesburg, Ill.; 5. #2S Joey Saldana, Brownsburg, Ind.; 6. #22A Steve Aplin, St. Louis, Mo.; 7. #7 Chris Shoulders, Dallas, Texas; 8. #2A A.J. Ernesto, Reading, Pa.

Heat 6: 1. #29 Jason Leffler, Long Beach, Calif.; 2. #15X P.J. Jones, Torrence, Calif.; 3. #26 John Sarale, Stockton, Calif.; 4. #50 Roland Ayo, Houston, Texas; 5. #00X Matt Hummel, Mt. View, Calif.; 6. #21 John Jones, Mt. Horeb, Wis.; 7. #7G Greg Granath, Rockton, Ill.; 8. #59 Jim Sawyer, Hamilton, Ohio

Heat 7: 1. #71W Wayne Chinn, Tipp City, Ohio; 2. #3X Doug Canham, Chatham, Ill.; 3. #25 Mike Farmer, Colorado Springs, Colo.; 4. #23 Jack Hewitt, Troy, Ohio; 5. #10X Kenny Jacobs, Holmesville, Ohio; 6. #17 William Schemonia, Murphysboro, Ill.; 7. #15L Billy Pauch, Frenchtown, N.J.; DNS - #51M Jerry Marks, Monkey Island, Okla.

Heat 8: 1. #3 Ed Carpenter, Indianapolis, Ind.; 2. #8 Mike Streicher, Findlay, Ohio; 3. #Q4 Edwin Wilson, Moore, Okla.; 4. #44 Dennis Mann, Indianapolis, Ind.; 5. #8NM Al Damazio, Albuquerque, N.M.; 6. #99W Korey Weyant, Springfield, Ill.; 7. #55T Tommy Spencer, Houston, Texas; DNS - #88M Dennis Miller, Galveston, Ind.

C Feature - top four to 2 B mains (rest to Saturday E)

C Main: 1. #55, Steve Knepper, Belleville, Ill.; 2. #15L, Billy Pauch, Frenchtown, N.J.; 3. #31H, Brian Harvill, Irving, Texas; 4. #8M, Gary McNabb, Edmond, Okla.; 5. #81, Bill Allen, Independence, Mo.; 6. #3B, Kenny Bernard, Colleyville, Texas; 7. #59, Jim Sawyer, Hamilton, Ohio; 8. #2A, A.J. Ernesto, Reading, Penn.; 9. #7G, Greg Granath, Rockton, Ill.; 10. #88M, Dennis Miller, Galveston, Ind.; (Did not start - #7, Chris Shoulders, Dallas, Texas; #55T, Tommy Spencer, Houston, Texas; #78, Travis Rilat, Texas City, Texas; #46, Ryan Linder, Newark, Calif; #5, John Lucas, Lebanon, Ind.; #51M, Jerry Marks, Monkey Island, Okla.)

2 Semi (B) Features - top two from each to A Feature (rest to Saturday C, or D)

1st Semi: 1. #71, Ricky Shelton, Huntington Beach, Calif.; 2. #96, Bobby Boone, Palmdale, Ind.; 3. #V4, Boyd Calvert, DeForest, Wisc.; 4. #55, Steve Knepper, Belleville, Ill.; 5. #22C, Chris Coers, Columbus, Ind.; 6. #23, Jack Hewitt, Troy, Ohio; 7. #67, Randy Nigg, Colorado Springs, Colo.; 8. #21, John Jones, Nt. Horeb, Wisc.; 9. #14, Tony Rossi, Arvado, Colo.; 10. #38, David Watkins, Houston, Texas; 11. #32, Aaron Fike, Galesburg, Ill.; 12. #25, Mike Farmer, Colorado Springs, Colo.; 13. #2B, Jackie Burke, Houston, Texas; 14. #37Q, Lee Walther, Oklahoma City, Okla.; 15. #17, William, Schoemonia, Murphysboro, Ill.; (Did not start - #44, Dennis Mann, Indianapolis, Ind.; #10X, Kenny Jacobs, Holmesville, Ohio; #31H, Brian Harvill, Irving, Texas)

2nd Semi: 1. #33, Keith Rauch, Edgewater, Colo.; 2. #3M, John Wolfe, Winchester, Ind.; 3. #84, Dean Franklin, Speedway, Ind.; 4. #7M, Tim McVay, Blue Springs, Mo.; 5. #16, Barry Reed, Mooresville, Ind.; 6. #56, Shane Scully, Encino, Calif.; 7. #18T, Bob Burkle, Terre Haute, Ind.; 8. #Q4, Edwin Wilson, Moore, Okla.; 9. #00X, Matt Hummel, Mt. View, Calif.; 10. #22A, Steve Aplin, St. Louis, Mo.; 11. #99W, Korey Weyant, Springfield, Ill; 12. #8NM, Al Damazio, Albuquerque, N.M.; 13. #26, John Sarale, Stockton, Calif.; 14. #2S, Joey Saldana, Brownburg, Ind.; 15. #50, Roland Ayo, Houston, Texas; 16. #15L, Billy Pauch, Frenchtown, N.J. (Did not start - #4D, Bruce Donaldson, Jr., St. Peters, Mo.; #8M, Gary McNabb, Edmond, Okla.)

A Feature - top seven transfer to Saturday A Feature; rest to Saturday B Feature

A Feature: 1. #47, Cory Kruseman, Ventura, Calif.; 2. #40, Tracy Hines, New Castle, Ind.; 3. #11, Kevin Doty, Burlington, Iowa; 4. #1ST, Gary Wright, Hooks, Texas; 5. #31, Don Lehmann, Springfield, Ill.; 6. #54, Matt Westfall, Ludlow Falls, Ohio; 7. #33, Keith Rauch, Edgewater, Colo.; 8. #71, Ricky Shelton, Huntington Beach, Calif.; 9. #84, Dean Franklin, Speedway, Ind.; 10. #3M, John Wolfe, Winchester, Ind.; 11. #66, Tony Elliott, Kokomo, Ind.; 12. #96, Bobby Boone, Palmdale, Ind.; 13. #3X, Doug Canham, Chatham, Ill.; 14. #V4, Boyd Calvert, DeForest, Wisc.; 15. #98X, Michael Roselli, Jr., Brodheadsville, Penn.; 16. #15X, P.J. Jones, Torrence, Calif.; 17. #29, Jason Leffler, Long Beach, Calif.; 18. #71W, Wayne Chinn, Tipp City, Ohio; 19. #21L, Jon Heydenreich, Bloomsburg, Penn.; 20. #8, Mike Streicher, Findlay, Ohio; 21. #81T, Tim Spindler, Columbus, Ind.; 22. #3, Ed Carpenter, Indianapolis, Ind.

Sat. night results

Saturday Night Summery

Kruseman Leads All 50 Laps at Chili Bowl

Tulsa, OK (Jan. 8, 2000) - Sometimes the motivation of finishing second can be what a driver needs to secure an elusive victory. Cory Kruseman finished second to Dan Boorse in the 1999 O'Reilly Chili Bowl Midget Nationals, but Saturday night at the Tulsa Expo Raceway, Kruseman was the one standing in the middle of the podium with the trophy and the cash.

Kruseman also was a little bit lucky. Lucky that he started outside the front row because behind him in the 50-lap Championship Main event contenders began to drop off because of wrecks.

Contenders like pole starter Dave Darland, Tracy Hines, Dan Boorse, Kevin Doty and Gary Wright all had problems in trying to catch Kruseman, a Ventura, Calif. resident, on the quarter-mile dirt track at the Tulsa Expo Raceway.

But he also had Arizona Sprint Car legend and 1991 Chili Bowl champion Leland McSpadden as his crew chief on the No. 47 Bondio-owned Midget. With all of those things, Kruseman led all 50 laps for the $5,000 victory. Shane Cottle, the highest finishing driver of 31 rookies, finished second and Bud Kaeding, another California driver, third.

``McSpadden is the sharpest guy in the whole world, I just hold on,'' said Kruseman, who became the first California native to win the coveted indoor midget racing event. ``You have to stay focused because you have 130 of the best midgets in the nation, and they are all invited. You just got to concentrate 100 percent.''

Kruseman lost the lead briefly to Hines in Lap 2, but the first caution of the race came out after Critter Malone and Mike Hess spun in the second turn. Hines was forced behind Kruseman on the restart, but the pass was enough for Kruseman to realize this could be a tough 50 laps.

(Hines) ``got me clean,'' Kruseman said. ``We just got in lapped cars and it was time to start doing some of that Chili Bowl driving ... get your arms up, sliding around and stuff like that.''

And that is what Kruseman did started driving very similar to his crew chief, weaving through lapped cars and bumping a few along the way to the victory. During a long green flag period between a Lap 20 restart and a Lap 38 caution Kruseman began to extend his lead. But when the race restarted in Lap 38, things started to happen behind the soon-to-be first-time winner.

Dan Boorse and Gary Wright were battling for second with about three or four lapped cars between them and Kruseman, with Jason Leffler and Kevin Doty beginning to close on the two drivers. But in Lap 44, Wright hit the cushion in turn 2 and flipped hard in the turn. But as drivers tried to avoid Wright, Leffler and Doty, who were involved in earlier cautions during the race, were collected in the multi-car pileup.

As the race was beginning to restart, Boorse suddenly stopped on the fourth turn and jumped out of the car because of a fire. A broken U-Joint took the defending champion out of contention for a second-straight championship.

When the race restarted in Lap 44, Kruseman drove away from the field, while Cottle and Kaeding battled it out for second with Chili Bowl veterans Kevin Olson and Sammy Swindell in front of them as lapped cars. Cottle could not get around the two and had to settle for second.

``I don't think I could have caught him anyway because he was doing to good,'' Cottle said. ``Unfortunately I got slammed by a lapped car.''

Prior to the mishap in Lap 44, while Kruseman was running away with the event, most had eyes on Wright and Boorse, along with Leffler. Leffler started scratch, 23rd, in the 23-car field and by the halfway point in the event was in sixth place. He stayed behind Boorse, Wright, Joe Boyles and Greg Lueckert until Lap 31 when he drove into fifth spot.

In Lap 39, Leffler passed Wright for third and was challenging Boorse, when Wright took the position back in Lap 42. But then Leffler and Wright were out of contention after the Lap 44 caution, with Leffler taking ninth and Wright being scored in 19th.

Joe Boyles, who was strong in Thursday night's preliminary program, finished fourth, with Hines coming from the back after stopping in Lap 18 after he jumped the cushion to finish fifth. Greg Lueckert was sixth, with Boyd Calvert seventh, Matt Westfall eighth, Leffler ninth and Don Lehmann taking 10th.

Pole starter and Thursday night winner Dave Darland ended up 20th after being involved with his Wilke Racing teammate Kevin Doty and Greg Lueckert. Sammy Swindell, who won the first C Main and the first B Main finished 13th after being lapped in Lap 34 buy Kruseman.

In the first B Main, Leffler brought the crowd to its feet after being involved in the first of three aborted starts of the 20-lap event. His Dino Tomassi crew worked on the car, but he was able to restart the race because of two successive caution flags that kept them from completing a lap.

Leffler restarted at the back of the field and needed 18 laps to drive in the fourth and final transfer spot. He passed Dean Erfurth for fourth in Lap 19.

Sammy Swindell, who won the first C Main event, also won the first B Main after benefitting from the first-lap multi-car pile up that Leffler was in. Swindell drove into the lead with an inside move in turn 4 on Lap 9 and led the rest of the 20-lap event. Boyd Calvert finished second and Mike Hess third. Billy Boat, who was driving the only Lawson car Saturday night, was forced to leave the event after being involved in a wreck on the the third try at a start. He was scored in 15th.

Casey Slocum won the second B Main event, taking the lead from Ricky Shelton in Lap 5. Kaeding took second, Critter Malone third and Shelton the fourth and final transfer spot. Indy Racing League president and founder Tony George brought out the fifth and final caution of the 20-lap event when he flipped in turn 3 on Lap 15.

In the first C Main, Swindell took the lead from Aaron Kirk in Lap 9 and rolled to the victory after starting 10th. Randy Koch drove from fifth to take the second C Main, with Steve Knepper running and Travis Welpott third.

Craig Carry and Kasey Kahne won the D Main events, with Kenny Bernard and John Lucas taking the twin E Main races.

Among Saturday night's non-qualifiers was Jack Hewitt, who was seventh in the second C Main, Daryn Pittman, seventh in the first B Main. Indiana resident Tony Elliott also did not qualify after ending up 11th in the second B main. John Heydenreich, who won the 1990 event, flipped on the third lap of the second B Main.

Grand Marshall: Parnelli Jones

Awards: Special Appreciation Trophy to Ron Byerly, Vice President of Advertising, Marketing & Training, O'Reilly Auto Parts; Best Looking Car Award from Tulsa Quarter Midget Association: #99 Rick Ellis; Hard Luck Award: Steve Peachey - Car owner #78 - Travis Rilat; Ron Hughes Sportsmanship Award - Jack Hewitt; Rich Vogler Hard Charger Award: #2K Bud Kaeding; Preliminary Attendance approx 11, 300 Saturday; 3 days - approx 27, 600

Results for Saturday features

1st E Main (top 2 to 1st D): 1. #3B, Kenny Bernard, Colleyville, Texas; 2. #59, Jim Sawyer, Hamilton, Ohio; 3. #43, Kevin Arnold, Franklin, Ind.; 4. #46, Ryan Linder, Newark, Calif.; 5. #51M, Jerry Marks, Monkey Island, Okla.; 6. #0, Johnny Murdock, Mesquite, Texas; (Did not start - #16M, Wayne Miller, Lafayette, Ind.; #88M, Dennis Miller, Galveston, Ind.; #55T, Tommy Spencer, Houston, Texas)

2nd E Main (top 2 to 2nd D): 1. #5, John Lucas, Lebanon, Ind.; 2. #78, Travis Rilat, Texas City, Texas; 3. #7X, John Ferrell, Coventry, Conn.; 4. #81, Bill Allen, Independence, Mo.; 5. #2A, A.J. Ernesto, Reading. Penn.; 6. #19X, Howard Worrell, Kirkwood, Mo.; 7. #7G, Greg Granath, Rockton, Ill.; (Did not start - #7, Chris Shoulders, Dallas, Texas)

1st D Main (top 4 to 1st C): 1. #30, Craig Carry, Springfield, Ill.; 2. #98, Kevin Eggert, Appleton, Wis.; 3. #25, Mike Farmer, Colorado Springs, Colo.; 4. #53, J.D. Turner, Cincinnati, Ohio; 5. #37Q, Lee Walther , Oklahoma City, Okla.; 6. #3B, Kenny Bernard, Colleyville, Texas; 7. #59, Jim Sawyer, Hamilton, Ohio; 8. #33A, Steve Arnold, Seymour, Ind.; 9. #31H, Brian Harvill, Irving, Texas; 10. #22P, Jeff Palazzolo, Pacific, Mo.; 11. #50, Roland Ayo, Houston, Texas; 12. #26, John Sarale, Stockton, Calif.; 13. #99W, Korey Weyant, Springfield, Ill.; 14. #44, Dennis Mann, Indianapolis, Ind.; 15. #45G, Gil White, Blanchard, Okla.; 16. #6NM, Robert Marfia, Jr., Rio Rancho, N.M.; 17. #97Z, Jerry Zike, Seymour, Ind.; (Did not start - #4D, Bruce Donaldson, Jr., St. Peters, Mo.)

2nd D Main (top 4 to 2nd C): 1. #62, Kasey Kahne, Enumclaw, Wash.; 2. #32, Aaron Fike, Galesburg, Ill.; 3. #0K, Ron Kuhn, Lee's Summit, Mo.; 4. #66B, Tony Beaber, Gibsonburg, Ohio; 5. #5, John Lucas, Lebanon, Ind.; 6. #10X, Kenny Jacobs, Holmesville, Ohio; 7. #84S, Phil Shapel, Wichita, Kan.; 8. #17, William Schemonia, Murphysboro, Ill.; 9. #2B, Jackie Burke, Houston, Texas; 10. #8NM, Al Damazio, Albuquerque, N.M.; 11. #47C, David Camfield, Jr., Decatur, Ill.; 12. #19N, Nick O'Neal, Wagoner, Okla.; 13. #78, Travis Rilat, Texas City, Texas; 14. #8M, Gary McNabb, Edmond, Okla.; 15. #59, Jim Sawyer, Hamilton, Ohio; 16. #2S, Joey Saldana, Brownsburg, Ind.; 17. #2C, Chris Tarrant, Mesquite, Texas; (Did not start - #15L, Billy Pauch, Frenchtown, N.J.)

1st C Main (top 3 to 1st B): 1. #1, Sammy Swindell, Bartlett, Tenn.; 2. #16F, Chad Farmer, Colorado Springs, Colo.; 3. #45, Aaron Kirk, Conroe, Texas; 4. #22C , Chris Coers, Columbus, Ind.; 5. #53, J.D. Turner, Cincinnati, Ohio; 6. #25, Mike Farmer, Colorado Springs, Colo.; 7. #14, Tony Rossi, Arvada, Colo.; 8. #56TX, Douglas White, Houston, Texas; 9. #30, Craig Carry, Springfield, Ill.; 10. #11X, Steve Newman, Lakewood, Colo.; 11. #98, Kevin Eggert, Appleton, Wis.; 12. #56, Shane Scully, Encino, Calif.; 13. #22A, Steve Aplin, St. Louis, Mo.; 14. #67, Randy Nigg, Colorado Springs, Colo.; 15. #00, Thomas Meseraul, San Jose, Calif.; 16. #Q4, Edwin Wilson, Moore, Okla.; (Did not start - #7M, Tim McVay, Blue Springs, Mo.; #2H, Bob Harr, Arvada, Colo.)

2nd C Main (top 3 to 2nd B): 1. #2, Randy Koch, Oregon, Wis.; 2. #55, Steve Knepper, Belleville, Ill.; 3. #18, Travis Welpott, Pendleton, Ind.; 4. #16, Barry Reed, Mooresville, Ind.; 5. #21, John Jones, Mt. Horeb, Wis.; 6. #99, Rick Ellis, Thornton, Colo.; 7. #23, Jack Hewitt, Troy, Ohio; 8. #21X, Rick Mueller, Barneveld, Wis.; 9. #91D, Richie Dewell, Fowler, Kan.; 10. #32, Aaron Fike, Galesburg, Ill.; 11. #66B, Tony Beaber, Gibsonburg, Ohio; 12. #38, David Watkins, Houston, Texas; 13. #62, Kasey Kahne, Enumclaw, Wash.; 14. #72, Jeff Flesher, Gridley, Ill.; 15. #69, A.J. Fike, Galesburg, Ill.; 16. #00X, Matt Hummel, Mt. View, Calif.; 17. #0K, Ron Kuhn, Lee's Summit, Mo.; (Did not start - #18T, Bob Burkle, Terre Haute, Ind.)

1st B Main (top 4 to A): 1. #1, Sammy Swindell, Bartlett, Tenn.; 2. #V4, Boyd Calvert, DeForest, Wis.; 3. #51, Mike Hess, Petersburg, Ill.; 4. #29, Jason Leffler, Long Beach, Calif.; 5. #5K, Dean Erfurth, Oregon, Wis.; 6. #84, Dean Franklin, Speedway, Ind.; 7. #31L, Daryn Pittman, Owasso, Okla.; 8. #73, Scott Hatton, Roscoe, Ill.; 9. #3X, Doug Danham, Chatham, Ill.; 10. #71W, Wayne Chinn, Tipp City, Ohio; 11. #87, Rich Camfield, Decatur, Ill.; 12. #38X, Dave Baumgartner, Ottawa, Mich.; 13. #3, Ed Carpenter, Indianapolis, Ind.; 14. #3M, John Wolfe, Winchester, Ind.; 15. #15, Billy Boat, Phoenix, Ariz.; 16. #16F, Chad Farmer, Colorado Springs, Colo.; 17. #45, Aaron Kirk, Conroe, Texas; (Did not start - #81T, Tim Spindler, Columbus, Ind.)

2nd B Main (top 4 to A): 1. #97C, Casey Slocum, Denver, Colo.; 2. #2K, Bud Kaeding, Campbell, Calif.; 3. #7C, Critter Malone, Speedway, Ind.; 4. #71, Ricky Shelton, Huntington Beach, Calif; 5. #55, Steve Knepper, Belleville, Ill.; 6. #96, Bobby Boone, Palmdale, Ind.; 7. #19, Dennis Parker, Council Bluffs, Iowa; 8. #4B, Ronnie Burke, Jr., Houston, Texas; 9. #75, Roger Miller, Milan, Ill.; 10. #2, Randy Koch, Oregon, Wis.; 11. #66, Tony Elliott, Kokomo, Ind.; 12. #18, Travis Welpott, Pendleton, Ind.; 13. #3T, Tony George, Indianapolis, Ind.; 14. #98X, Michael Roselli, Jr., Brodheadsville, Penn.; 15. #21L, Jon Heydenreich, Bloomsburg, Penn.; 16. #8, Mike Streicher, Findlay, Ohio; (Did not start - #15X, P.J. Jones, Torrance, Calif.)

A Feature: 1. #47, Cory Kruseman, Ventura, Calif.; 2. #86, Shane Cottle, Oakland, Ill.; 3. #2K, Bud Kaeding, Campbell, Calif.; 4. #7B, Joe Boyles, Greenwood, Mo.; 5. #40, Tracy Hines, New Castel, Ind.; 6. #01, Greg Lueckert, Parkville, Mo.; 7. #V4, Boyd Calvert, DeForest, Wis.; 8. #54, Matt Westfall, Ludlow Falls, Ohio; 9. #29, Jason Leffler, Long Beach, Calif.; 10. #31, Don Lehmann, Springfield, Ill.; 11. #11, Kevin Doty, Burlington, Iowa; 12. #33, Keith Rauch, Edgewater, Colo.; 13. #1, Sammy Swindell, Bartlett, Tenn.; 14. #17K, Kevin Olson, Rockford, Ill.; 15. #94, Michael Lang, Indianapolis, Ind.; 16. #97C, Casey Slocum, Denver, Colo.; 17. #51, Mike Hess, Petersburg, Ill.; 18. #88, Dan Boorse, Milwaukee, Wis.; 19. #1ST, Gary Wright, Hooks, Texas; 20. #11W, Dave Darland, Indianapolis, Ind.; 21. #4, Jimmy Sills, Placerville, Calif.; 22. #7C, Critter Malone, Speedway, Ind.; 23. #71, Ricky Shelton, Huntington Beach, Calif